At A New You Med Spa, we set the highest standards in medical enhancements and aim to exceed our patient’s expectations. We will create a treatment plan for your specific body needs focusing on both inner and outer results. Learn more about our PHYSIQ a non-surgical treatments that will build muscle with a FREE consultation!

AdobeStock 317033991PHYSIQ is the first system to use Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse technology (STEP). It delivers heat to tissue and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscle and target stubborn areas.

PHYSIQ targets tissues and muscle with its unique STEP technology. STEP programs are customized sequences of timed phases of deep heat and muscle stimulation. the deep heat phases from PHYSIQ’s super luminescent diose matrix (SDM) targets tissue while electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) creates muscle contractions to re-educate the muscle in the targeted area.

If necessary, before your treatment, you will want to shave the targeted area.

You may feel warmth at the applicator site and you will feel muscle contractions during the EMS phases. Should you feel discomfort, you may use the patient control button which adjusts the energy modulation without impacting the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is important to massage the area with the PHYSIQ body lotion that was designed to complement your body treatment. One bottle of the PHYSIQ body lotion will allow you to continue this massage, twice daily, between treatments