A New You Med Spa

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A New You

About Us

We are passionately changing lives through innovative cosmetic treatments!Our medical spa in Annapolis is offering non-invasive body procedures and facial treatments. Are you looking for amazing results for face lifts, skin tightening, fat removal, non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts, muscle building and more with no down time?

  • 100% Surgical FREE Results
  • 10,000+ Safe Procedures Performed

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Cosmetic Innovations and FDA approved treatments to make you look and feel your best!

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Body Treatments

Enhancing the body with non-surgical solutions for all body types.

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Facial Treatments

Anti-aging technologies to help tackle dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds

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Laser Hair Removal

Full body Laser Hair Removal is here! Safe, fast, and effective Laser Hair Removal for all skin types.



A New You Med Spa, offers natural looking cosmetic results without the plastic surgery!

Women and men across Annapolis can experience the latest aesthetic treatments to help your skin look and feel its very best! Our experienced aesthetic professionals have the expertise to guide you in selecting the right treatments for you.

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